2 Sitting Habits To Avoid



2 Overlooked Sitting Habits to Avoid
Poor sitting habits can happen beyond your office/study workstation. They are more than just slouching, hunching or hyper-arching. They are part of your lifestyle on how you sit everyday.
Did it cross your mind that sitting on your fat wallet and crossing your legs, especially always on the same side would affect your spine?

These 2 sitting habits cause the shoulders and hips to be unleveled and the spine gets strained and distorted. Overtime, the spine can break down leading to symptoms and health issues like:

. Back Pain
. Headaches
. Fatigue
. Low Immunity
. Joint Degeneration
. Permanent Spinal Distortion
. Limb Pain & Numbness…

Prevent these health issues. Change your poor sitting habits and get your spine aligned.
Consult our Chiropractors for a solution, especially if you are experiencing health issues related to your spine.


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