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    HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!! Many wish for greater wealth in the coming New Year.But being wealthy is not just about being financially rich. LOVE is WEALTHFAMILY is WEALTHSHARING is WEALTHHAPPINESS is WEALTHPOSITIVITY is WEALTH HEALTH is WEALTH…and the list goes on… So what is your list to greater WEALTH? What are your New Year Resolutions this New Year?  Do include Chiropractic for optimal wellness! Find out more on how Chiropractic can improve your wellbeing: www.wellnessforlife.com.sg Here’s wishing all a WEALTHY New Year!


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    IT’S PRE-XMAS WEEKEND…Take it easy on your back (heavy lifting & partying) and those candy canes!


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    Be WELL this festive season and start the New Year STRONG! *BETTER POSTURE! *SLEEP BETTER!  *LESSER MEDICATION! *BE MORE ACTIVE! *REDUCE STRESS! *BOOST IMMUNITY AGAINST INFECTIONS & DISEASES  *OPTIMAL BRAIN FUNCTION! *PRODUCTIVITY IN WORK & LIFE! *PAIN-RELIEF NATURALLY! Let’s get started with a Spinal Examination to check if Chiropractic is your natural solution to your well-being! Register online at a reduced fee: http://www.wellnessforlife.com.sg/register.html

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    Our Nervous System- We are taught and constantly reminded on the importance of the Respiratory System and the Cardiovascular System; BUT do we know much about the Nervous System? The Nervous System- (brain, spinal cord and nerves) controls and coordinates every function in the body. The nerve supply is the literal LIFE and POWER for the body. A weakened nervous system and nerve-flow will mean a weakened bodily function. The spine protects the spinal cord. Chiropractic ensures that the spine is optimally aligned and healthy; so it does its job best in protecting the spinal cord and not putting pressure on the nerves (interfering nerve flow and causing lowered state of health or pain). It is therefore important to 1st check and ensure that your health issue is not caused by spine and nerve-related issue. So check in with a Doctor of Chiropractic (who is trained in the full correction …


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    …Do you wear them everyday?Consider the effects (of high heels) on your spine, hips and joints with frequent, long term use…HeadachesNeck/shoulder/back painHip/knee/foot painMuscle achesFatiguePoor posturePoor healthNot so sexy.Use them wisely. Read on for more insights on the importance of spinal health: www.wellnessforlife.com.sg


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    Pre-Natal Chiropractic Care… Dear Mothers: Are you experiencing discomfort, aches and pain due to pregnancy? Are you looking for a natural approach to have a safer, healthier pregnancy? Here is some information to give you a better understanding on how pre-natal chiropractic care can help. Image source: Bagnell Pregnancy Chiropractic. For more than eighteen years Dr. Karen Gardner (Formerly Dr. Karen Bagnell) has diligently worked and studied the mechanisms of breech and transverse presentations, pregnancy and delivery.  A few of the benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy include: – Stronger spine and better posture- Maintaining a healthier pregnancy with optimal nerve supply – Controlling symptoms of nausea – Reducing the time of labour and delivery – Relieving back, neck or joint pain – Experiencing smoother/safer natural birth process – Having a HEALTHIER baby! Register for a check-up to know more!


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    (Image: BlackMilk) How Do We Clean Our Spine? We clean our teeth, face and hair daily.We get them maintained by our dentist, beautician and hair stylist.We do that so they can last us a lifetime without “decaying”.But… Do we “clean” or maintain our spine?The structure that holds us up and protects our primary life support system (Central Nervous System). Years of neglect and “abuse” (poor lifestyle habits/ injury/ birth trauma) to our spine can lead to spinal decay.It could be the cause of many of our health issues including: . Headaches. Back/Joint pain. Fatigue. Spinal degeneration (bone spurs…). Postural distortion (hunching). Numbness in the limbs. Low immunity (frequent colds…). Poor health…Keys to maintaining healthier spine to last us a lifetime: Daily-. Stretch your body . Move more; and take breaks from smart phones or computer or our love-affair with the CHAIR. Adopt proper posture in everything we do. Avoid carrying stuff …

  • Keys to good Ergonomics

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    >LONG HOURS AT YOUR DESK & COMPUTER? Work it right! Let this be a guide and do your best to make your work station ergonomically-friendly. The hours, the days, the months, the years will all add up- If you do it right, over the years, you’ll get to enjoy your pay$; otherwise, you’ll pay the price in years to come. Remember to share it with your colleagues! ENGAGE US for free Health/Posture/Ergonomics Talks: http://www.wellnessforlife.com.sg/?pg=sub&id=5


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    Join the family of Wellness for Life Chiropractic!We are constantly seeking out dedicated and vitalistic chiropractors to join our family so we can help more families restore and maintain optimal health!At any time, CONTACT US at:www.wellnessforlife.com.sg Here’s an inspiring story we want to share with you- Being a Chiropractor- “A way of LIFE in our family.” Dr. Terry Schroeder, holding a water polo ball, stands in front of other Schroeder family chiropractors in a 1988 Sports Illustrated photo. Terry Schroeder, D.C., West ’86, is a four-time Olympian who led his U.S. Water Polo team to win silver medals in the 1984 and 1988 Summer Games, and fourth place in the 1992 Summer Games. Currently he’s the assistant coach for the team that will compete in the 2008 Games in Beijing. When he’s not running his practice,  he coaches the water polo team at Pepperdine University, in Malibu, Calif. Read more:~ http://m.palmer.edu/insights/issue.aspx?v=2&n=1&a=11


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    …Considering seeing a Chiropractor?Here’s a quick view of the answers to the MYTHS: Source: ChiroPractice For more enquiries, CONTACT US at: www.wellnessforlife.com.sg