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    HAPPY & PAIN-FREE LABOUR DAY! Special Spinal Checkup fee for you who has been working so hard: Time to address your pain and health issues this Labour Day! Get checked to see if Chiropractic can help: www.wellnessforlife.com.sg/register.html *Quote “labour day”

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    WHY NOT?We check our blood pressure, sugar levels, major organs; we check for cancer and diseases; and even bone density…Why didn’t we get our spine checked?The spine is the foundation of our body structure and the protector of our nervous system (spinal cord and nerves). Isn’t that important enough for us to take great care of our spine?With OPTIMAL SPINE & NERVOUS SYSTEM, our body will be able to experience optimal healing and health that’s in us!Also, if you are already in PAIN: Time to get a SPINAL CHECKUP!  You can also check for Spine & Nerve-Related Health Issues: . Headaches      . Neck/Shoulder Aches . Back Pain       . Poor Posture . Poor Posture   . Low Immunity… Register here: www.wellnessforlife.com.sg/register.html Or call: 6533 4438

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    Move it before it’s too late… HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN SITTING TODAY? Time to stretch your butt (gluteus maximus) & hip abductors!  They are part your core and these stretches will also help tone them up! Your core health is crucial to your spinal health and ultimately your health… Remember that you still need to move and stretch other parts of your body. So stand up and shake your body all about!

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    Strong core is key to maximizing sports performance.But most importantly having a strong core helps support the spine better. The spine is the pillar of the body and health. Do you know your core muscles?. ABDOMINAL. LOW BACK. HIP It’s good to know them so you will know what to focus on for core workouts! Core strength is more than just having six pack abs.The “core” actually consists of many different muscles that stabilize the spine, pelvis and shoulder girdle. A strong core improves balance and weight shifting multi-directionally, stablizes the spine to allow us to stand upright. There are many benefits of having a strong core, some including reducing back pain, improving postural imbalances and increasing athletic ability and perfomance. Core strengthening exercise programs need to target all the muscle groups within the “core” region to be effective. Here are some examples of simple core workout from different sources: *Take care if …

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    PICK YOUR SHOES WISELY… They can affect your health, safety, happiness & LIFE. Here’s why: ILL-FITTING SHOES: No ill-fitting or poor quality shoes! High or flat heeled shoes, do ensure that they-  . Fit well and not too tight; . Have good and non-slip heel; . Made from breathable, flexible and preferably natural material; . Have comfy interior and sole. Going for cheap and poorly-made shoes (no matter how gorgeous looking they are), will only put your wellbeing and safety at risk. HIGH HEELS: We can wear the most expensive and great quality high heels but frequent wearing can still affect your wellbeing. When your center of gravity is off and your spine is out of alignment, it’s more likely for accidents to occur. Also, with your body constantly attempting to keep the balance, you will generally feel more fatigued. SPORTS SHOES: Remember to wear the right kind of sports shoes …