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    ENGAGE US FOR A COMPLIMENTARY ASSESSMENT OF YOUR OFFICE (WORKSTATION) ERGONOMICS. Improve workstation ergonomics and the posture of your staff for better health, work productivity & higher returns. Contact us to register: 6533 4438 www.wellnessforlife.com.sg/contactus.html

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    IS TEXTING THE CAUSE OF YOUR HEADACHES, NECK/BACK PAIN, FINGER STIFFNESS…Prolonged texting and looking down at your tech gadget will result in accelerated joint and spinal degeneration. The damage will cost you your health eventually. Look up and bond in the real world!Don’t let your weekend, family/social time end up in the virtual world!Note:It’s not just about social issues! It’s your health!Start adopting better texting posture and stay out of PAIN!Better if you can reduce the use and stretch your neck back frequently! Read more on spine-related health conditions:www.wellnessforlife.com.sg/healthconditions&cause.html

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    Ever wondered what might be causing your headaches, back pain or fatigue?Is technology the cause of your pain and health issues? Technology is advancing but is your body? Maybe you have been adopting few of these tech-styles for too long.Which styles are you adopting? Try to adopt proper tech-ergonomics.If you can’t help it, at least take breaks to walk or stretch out your body.Prolonged poor posture will affect your spine and eventually your nerves; as the spine protects the spinal cord and the nerves around it. The nervous system controls all functions in your body, including: . Body movements . Hormonal and neurotransmitter functions . Five major senses & all sensations . Immune system . Major organs . Digestion . And many more… An unhealthy nervous system flow will affect the healthy function of your body.Stay out of pain and suffering with proper tech-ergonomics and posture.If you are already in …

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    Suffering from these conditions? Try these sleeping positions to help you sleep better! We spend an average of 7 hours sleeping each day. How we sleep will affect our body especially the spine and eventually our health and wellbeing. Sleep well. Be well. Note:The most recommended sleep position for your spine is still sleeping on your back. Zzzzz…Check back here for more wellness tips when you wake! www.wellnessforlife.com.sg