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    STAND TALL & CELEBRATE NATIONAL DAY!Stop suffering from Pain or persisting Poor Health.It could be due to your spine and nerve issues.A Checkup by our Chiropractors may offer the solution to your health issues. Healthy Individuals for a Healthy Nation!SHARE this with others! www.wellnessforlife.com.sg/register.html

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    *These 4 steps may save us from a series of chronic health issues in the future, including hunching, back pain, joint and eye issues, headaches, weaker immunity… From our earlier post on SMART PHONE SYNDROME, we learn about its detrimental effects on our health:https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=531337590252813&set=a.248291665224075.71010.237447429641832&type=1&theater Here, we suggest 4 simple steps to prevent it. *Remember, taking breaks from your tech gadgets to: . Stretch out, . Look far ahead, . Walk…play an important part in your everyday routine for your health. SUBLUXATION- Spinal misalignment (not fracture) due to trauma, everyday poor habits, physical/mental stress etc. For more on how poor posture and subluxation will affect your health:www.wellnessforlife.com.sg/healthconditions&cause.html Share this with everyone!

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    -Most of us suffer from SMART PHONE SYNDROME! Are you looking down at your smart phone for long periods everyday?That’s not too smart! What we do everyday will affect us (positively/negatively) at the end of the “day”. Health issues related to smart phone syndrome include: Hunching, headaches, neck/shoulder pain, eye strain, numbness in arms… We don’t have to stop using our smart phone but do use it wisely. See our next post: PREVENT SMART PHONE SYNDROME in 4 Steps. Check back with us:https://www.facebook.com/wflc.sg

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    Do you want BETTER POSTURE for yourself and your loved ones?Are you adopting the proper posture?Do you know how?Maintaining proper posture is as important as brushing teeth; eating well; exercising regularly etc.Neglecting your posture will lead to many health issues both short and long term. Here is a super simple guide to the what and how of proper posture. Note: It’s just a guide. It’s not claiming to be the perfect model or solution to proper posture and health. So here’s to BETTER POSTURE & BETTER HEALTH! More tips at:http://www.facebook.com/wflc.sg