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    HOW TO RESOLVE YOUR SPINAL/BACK PAIN  >Do share with your loved ones who only speak Mandarin and hope to benefit from this interesting and insightful health talk!Call to register for this talk:6253 3353 Speaker: Dr Marc Wong (Regular guest on Love FM 97.2)Location: Bishan CPF Building, #01-02Date: 7 Dec 2013, SaturdayTime: 1230pm Enquire online:www.wellnessforlife.com.sg

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    GIFT OF HEALTH for XMAS!@ $30 with Gift Vouchers… Your health issues could be related to your spine and nervous system.Get a Spinal Checkup to see if Chiropractic can help. Register by 31 Dec’13 for a Checkup at only $30. Receive 2 FREE Spinal Checkup Gift Vouchers to give to your friends as the gift of health this Christmas. Share this with everyone! Call: 6533 4438ORGo online: www.wellnessforlife.com.sg/register.html

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    ATTENTION Ladies, Men & Kids! It’s time to think about how you manage your HEAVY-. Handbags. Work bags. School bags Carrying your heavy bag on one side everyday could be the source of your PAIN & POOR HEALTH. Suggestions:You may spread the weight load into two bags,OR switch shoulders/hands to carry the bag,OR get an ergonomically great backpack to be carried on both shoulders,OR use a trolley bag,OR simply lighten the load… Long term improper posture from poor habits can lead to:>Spinal misalignments>Spinal distortion>Spinal degeneration>Pain & Health issues… Do share with your family & friends!https://www.facebook.com/wflc.sg If you are already experiencing strains and pain, a Chiropractic check up and adjustments may help to reset/align your spine, so you can start afresh with proper habits. Contact us for details:www.wellnessforlife.com.sg/register.html

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    THERE’S A KILLER IN YOUR OFFICE/HOME! Who is it?Clue:Sitting for more than 6 hours a day decreases your life’s expectancy by 40% (Women) and 20% (Men).Sitting long hours will cause muscle atrophy, spinal disorders and organ failure… Now you know who the killer is?Watch this video:http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/channel/the-numbers-game/videos/silent-killer/ Get moving!www.wellnessforlife.com.sg

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    Experiencing PAIN & constant POOR HEALTH but don’t know why? Like a Machine that needs a well-functioning Power System to function well; the BODY needs a well-functioning Nervous System (including the Spine) to transmit messages from brain to body so it can function optimally.YOUR PAIN AND POOR HEALTH COULD BE DUE TO THE MALFUNCTION OF YOUR NERVOUS SYSTEM AND SPINE. Start with a Chiropractic Spinal Checkup to see if Chiropractic can help: www.wellnessforlife.com.sg/register.html