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    Look Taller, Fitter & Younger this New Year!Is your #Posture making you look:- Shorter?- Fatter?- Older? Poor Posture affects your appearance:- Reduced height- Thick neck & chin- Rounded shoulders- Smaller chest- Hunched back- Protruding belly- Collapsed buttocks- Feeble legs… Poor Posture leads to poor health:- Spinal degeneration- Headaches- Sinusitis- Neck pain- Backache- Weak limbs- Fatigue- Low immunity… Improve your posture and look:TALLER, FITTER AND YOUNGER! But most importantly, GOOD POSTURE keeps you healthier! Start with a spinal checkup and posture advice from achiropractor.www.wellnessforlife.com.sg/register.html #WfLC #Chiropractic

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    Spinal Misalignment can happen to anyone. It can be the slightest shift in the vertebrae for problems to arise that may lead to damage or pain in the spine.Spinal Misalignment can be caused by:. Daily poor physical habits, poor posture. Repetitive movements. Physical or mental trauma. Chemical stress… When the spine is misaligned, problems and symptoms will surface around the misaligned vertebra> see image. If the misalignment is not detected and corrected early, it will lead to more extensive issues like:. Frequent headaches. Tension & pain in the neck & back. Numbness & pain down the limbs. Degenerated spinal discs. Fused spine & distorted posture from bone spurs. Inflamed & poor nerve-function. Frequent illness due to low immunity. And many other issues… It is important we get our spine checked and aligned.Consult our Chiropractors for more advice:www.wellnessforlife.com.sg/register.html #spinalmisalignment #chiropractic #WfLC