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    CAROLE LIN PATIENT & CREATIVE CONSULTANT for WfLC Years ago, I injured my knees and back and had surgery on one knee.I began having pain in my knees, joints and back/hip very often after the incident.It was a chiropractic checkup at Wellness for Life Chiropractic that showed me that it could be my spinal injury that was causing all my pain. The chiropractic adjustments and care not only relieved my aches and tension, my headaches are relieved most times without medication. I look and function better with improved posture too. With Chiropractic, the relief from pain; the reduction of toxins from lesser medication; the boosting of immune system; and the following of its indoctrination on balanced lifestyle, stretches and exercises, allow me to be physically and mentally more balanced.I get to stay active, do more in life and stay well. That is why I am working with Wellness for Life …

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    ARE YOU INTO HEALTH-CARE OR SICK-CARE? Do you tell yourself everyday:“I want to be sick and suffer from cancer and heart disease.”?Of course NOT! But is what you are eating; your lack of exercise; your poor posture and lifestyle habits every day, leading you towards sickness? What we eat or do to ourselves everyday will affect our health in the near future. Don’t wait until you have to rely on medication or surgeries to survive.Start your HEALTH-CARE today. Adopt preventive wellness-habits.www.wellnessforlife.com.sg #WfLC #healthcare

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    POWER OF LOVING & SHARING: It could mean a healthier you and healthier loved ones this Valentine’s. Valentine’s Day Offer:Spine Checkup at $30. Bring a friend and Checkup is FREE for your friend!(u.p.$210 per person) . Headaches.. Back Pain.. Fatigue.. Frequent Flu.. Poor Posture?Your poor health could be due to your spinal issues.Start with a Spine Checkup to see if Chiropractic can help you, the natural way. Register Now:Call- 6533 4438Online- www.wellnessforlife.com.sg T&C. Spine Checkup for only 1 person will still be at $30 (u.p.$210 per person).. Register with a friend and checkup is free for the friend. Both parties can register for different checkup dates and the person registered for checkup 1st will pay the $30.. Register by 31 March..Terms subject to changes. #WfLC #Valentinesday

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    Adopt proper Posture when carrying your baby keeps you going longer and further. * To all new mothers/fathers this New Year:Adopting proper posture prevents you from aches and injuries. With your head, neck, spine, hip, knee, ankle aligned, the load is better distributed, the structure of the body becomes stronger and there’s lesser strain on the joints.You will also enjoy carrying your baby even more! Share this with your friends who are new parents this year! For advice on posture and existing back problems, do consult #WfLC #Chiropractors:www.wellnessforlife.com.sg/register.html #newparents #theproperwaytocarryababy