Active Sitting
This is one solution to kill “Sitting Disease” and “Sitting Fatigue” for office staff.

Most of us are stuck in a STATIC position and PASSIVE posture at our workstation.

That is where all our pain and sitting-related spinal issues come from…

It’s more than good posture.
We all know sitting with good posture is better than sitting with poor posture. But even with good posture, long hours of sitting/standing in a fixed, static position is harmful for the body.
It will
. Decrease brain function
. Cause back muscles/tendons/ligaments to become tense and rigid
. Lock your spine
. Compress the spinal bones and discs

From which, it will also:
. Decrease metabolism
. Decrease blood/fluid and oxygen circulation
. Lead to muscle loss and obesity
. Increase risk of deep vein thrombosis
. Lead to mental and physical fatigue

This is harmful to your spine, nervous system and body which will eventually lead to back problems, pain and other health issues.

It’s time for Active Sitting.
The human body is designed to move.
Allow your body and legs to move frequently while at work.
Be in motion every 20mins at least. Even small movements every minute can benefit your body.

You can lean forward, stretch, relax, swivel, roll with the chair or increase the height of your chair and desk to work half sitting and standing…

– Create a workstation that supports Active Sitting, e.g. chair and table with adjustable heights and lockable wheels for mobility.

– Try to get a chair with firm seat and back support that are adjustable independently so they allow your pelvis, spine and body to move freely in its natural position, keeping your spine and muscles engaged yet relaxed all day.

But don’t forget:
> Maintain good posture while focused at work.
> Get off that chair to stretch and move every hour.

Active Sitting. Your body will thank you for it.
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