Are You Eating Real Foods?


Today’s Special:
Processed, Chemically Infused And Genetically Modified Ham & Cheese Sandwich With Potato Salad

Would you order that for yourself or your child? Reality is, many of us are doing exactly that.
But is that really bad?

Industrialization and mass food production have changed how food is being made. Crops, animals and finished food products are engineered or prepared to resist diseases, pests, herbicides, hostile environment; to multiply abundantly; to have extended shelf life; and to improve flavor, nutritional value and convenience.
In addition to that, we are also consuming foods that are tainted with toxins from environmental pollution.
As much as we hope that not all of that will cause us fatal harm but it is our responsibility to be prudent and informed when we make our food choices.
Of course, the best choice is still REAL, wholesome food.

Here, we share this infographic from ecomom to help us understand what’s in our food and make informed choices with what we eat.





What we eat and do everyday, we become.

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