Healthy Spine During Pregnancy- Carole Lin



Why Chiropractic for me?
I was fortunate to be introduced to Chiropractic Care 5 years ago for my back and joint discomfort.
After 3 months of care, most of the discomfort were resolved but I saw the benefits of maintaining regular Chiropractic adjustments (very much like exercising and eating healthy) and have been continuing with it till this day to sustain a healthy spine.

Chiropractic during my pregnancy.
My spine and pelvis are experiencing greater stress as the pregnancy progresses. Aches and strain which didn’t exist before pregnancy are felt often. Thankfully, these issues were relieved after each adjustment session. With the changes and challenges my body is going through during pregnancy, I have to say Chiropractic has become even more important for me. The adjustments help to keep my spinal structure aligned and strong; and spinal cord/nerves to function optimally without obstruction. This is the well-being I truly appreciate both physically and mentally during this crucial period.

Chiropractic for pregnancy.
I would like to share with all who are keen and think they will benefit from Chiropractic during pregnancy, on the specific adjustments that are safe yet effective for us- the glowing, pregnant ladies.
Thanks to my husband Dr. David for helping with the photos.

Neck adjustment- relieves my headaches and shoulder strain; improves my concentration level too.

Neck adjustment sitting up:



Neck adjustment face up:




Upper and mid back adjustment- helps with my tensed back muscles and occasional arm strain or numbness in fingers. Effective for breathing difficulties due to tight chest cavity and correcting poor posture too.

Upper and mid back adjustment with an activator (non-invasive):



Upper and mid back adjustment facing down:



Upper and mid back adjustment facing up:



Low back adjustment- reduces tail bone and butt strain; helps my legs and joints to cope better with the extra weight. Effective for those with unbalanced pelvic bones and experiencing aches around low back and waist area.

Low back adjustment, side posture:



Besides these adjustments, Chiropractic also emphasizes on maintaining proper posture, doing muscle-strengthening workouts and stretches during pregnancy to maintain great spinal health.

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