Sleeping Positions- Good & Bad


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We share this infographics from Healthy Times Blog to highlight some of the sleeping positions to adopt and avoid.
Sleeping position like walking and sitting posture is a personal preference. It is good to know if that preference is causing harm to your health and well-being as it becomes a habit overtime.

Good Sleeping Positons
On the back: Best to use a pillow of medium firmness and height and ensure to position it under your upper shoulders all the way to the head. Check that your neck is supported and head is relaxed and not pushed forward. You can tuck a pillow/bolster under your knees for extra support.
On the side: Use a firm but not hard pillow and of correct thickness  to support the space between shoulder and neck. Check that your spine is rested in a neutral alignment. Tuck a pillow/bolster between your legs and body for more neutral positioning.

Bad Sleeping Positions
Fetal position: It is not the recommended position but if you are able to switch to better positions frequently throughout your sleep, it is still acceptable. Use a pillow/bolster between body and legs for better support.
On the stomach: Try to avoid this position unless necessary or only for short periods. It creates strain to the spine and soft tissues (including organs). It is also not ideal for those who are concerned about facial wrinkles.

Whatever sleeping positions you choose, it is good to move and switch positions throughout the night for circulation.
A firm but not painfully hard mattress would be great.
But for those who are experiencing pain and discomfort no matter what sleeping position, pillows or mattress you use, you might have other health issues that need attention. Do seek advice from a specialist or contact us for a Spinal Checkup with our Doctors.


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