Aim of Chiropractic Care

Most people seek Chiropractic Care to get out of pain and it has been effective especially for chronic neck/back pain.
However, Chiropractic does not treat the symptoms (e.g. pain) of health problems, instead it focuses on what is causing the problems.
Chiropractic Care treats your body and optimal wellness as a whole by maintaining your spine and health naturally so your body can heal better from diseases and resist future health problems.
This is the aim of Chiropractic Care, a holistic yet specific approach that has helped many to get out of pain and experience Wellness For Life.


Chiropractic Care Process

It is through a complete Spinal Checkup that the Doctor will determine if your case can be accepted before advising any program for Chiropractic Care.
If your case is accepted, based on your health history and current report of findings from the spinal checkup, the Doctor will recommend a program of Chiropractic Care that’s most appropriate for you. Your lifestyle habits, stresses and expectation for your health goals will also be considered.

The care will include Chiropractic spinal adjustments, educational health workshops, workouts and stretches for spinal care and nutrition/lifestyle modifications.
The type, frequency and length of care is unique for each individual.


What is a Chiropractic spinal adjustment?

A Chiropractic adjustment is a specific yet non-invasive/harmless applied pressure with the hands on the misaligned spinal joint region, to restore alignment and relieve damaging tension on the spinal bones, nerves and tissues, so the affected area can heal better naturally.
Chiropractic spinal adjustments are applied by professionally-trained Doctors of Chiropractic only.

The number of adjustments recommended for each individual is dependent on the condition of the problem with personal health goals taken into consideration.
Also, results are best witnessed if the spinal adjustments are supported with stretches, exercises and modification on poor lifestyle habits during the Care.


Chiropractic Care for different goals.

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During Chiropractic Care, the Chiropractor will locate problem areas in the spine, conduct hands-on spinal adjustments to restore and maintain optimal alignment in the spine and thus improve the function of your nervous system.
Mobility or range-of-motion in the spinal joints (and other joints) will be improved as well.
Upon correction, they will continue to show you how to achieve greater levels of health and wellness through ongoing lifestyle care.

Are you currently in pain, ill and suffering from health problems?
Corrective Chiropractic Care is effective for the relief and healing of most common health conditions.
No matter what health problems or disease you have, by correcting your spinal misalignments and having a healthier nervous system, your natural healing ability will be enhanced.
You will benefit from the intensive and corrective care of WfLC to heal, fight diseases more effectively and return to the state of balanced and optimal health.

The spinal adjustments at the corrective stage are most effective when applied on a regular frequency because restoring the alignment of misaligned spinal bones is like crooked teeth on dental braces, they take time with small progressive changes to be re-aligned optimally.

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After getting the spine back to its optimal alignment with Chiropractic, it is advisable to check your spine and maintain its alignment regularly. It is like cleaning your teeth, exercising and doing yearly health checks as a routine to maintain wellness and prevent diseases.
When spinal health is neglected, the stresses of poor lifestyle habits and “hard-wired” memory, will shift the spinal bones back to the misaligned state. It is similar to newly straightened teeth without retainers, the teeth will tend to return to its previous crooked position; or like neglected teeth waiting for decay to develop.

For those who have no obvious health problems or pain, it is good to take proactive steps to take care of your spine.
The birthing process (for baby and mother), a childhood fall or poor posture/other habits can cause spinal and health problems and may not surface untill much later.
Spinal misalignment (Vertebral Subluxation) is a hidden epidemic and can be referred to as the “silent killer”. It is like cancer, stroke or tooth decay because there are uasually no early warning symptoms.

Wellness care saves time, money, effort and even lives by keeping minor/insidious problems from becoming more serious.
Maintain regular Chiropractic Care not only for your health problems but also to maintain and enhance your health.

Don’t wait for symptoms to appear, take proactive steps for Lifetime Wellness. Everyone from young to old should get the spine checked like they get the teeth and blood pressure checked regularly; or eating fruits/vegetables and exercising to stay fit.


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