As specialists of the biomechanics of the spine, Doctors of Chiropractic know best what is proper ergonomics and what is beneficial for spinal health.
Here are some products tried and recommended by the Doctors of WfLC for individuals looking for prime and practical products to improve workstation ergonomics and well-being.

These products do not promise to cure any health problems but can be helpful in preventing and improving health problems like back pain, headaches or spinal and joint problems. For healthy individuals, they can help to maintain one’s healthy goals.

For those with existing health problems, do seek the advice of healthcare professionals before utilizing these products.



HÅG CAPISCO PULS- The Ultimate Ergonomic Chair

A chair that supports posture and movement.
S$899 nett (includes GST & delivery)
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HÅG Capisco Puls

A Scandinavian invention of ultimate form and function, designed by Peter Opsvik.
The saddle seat of Capisco Puls is inspired by the upright sitting posture of horseback riders.
It supports natural movements of the body, allowing the user to sit comfortably in different styles with optimal posture.
Nature did not design the body to sit still for hours.

3 things the body needs in order to function healthily when we are sitting down to work/study:

. Optimal Posture
The saddle-like seat naturally guides the body to straighten the low back and engages the core muscles to support the spine better. Optimal posture is almost effortless and that equals optimal spinal nerve flow and lesser back problems.

. Blood & Oxygen Circulation
The saddle seat with height-adjustable mechanism allows the thighs to settle comfortably while angled at the optimal 110 to 135 degrees from the hips. This promotes better blood and oxygen circulation and allows for easy stretching of the legs, as compared to the traditional 90-degree sitting position with the standard chair seat.

. Movement
The height-adjustable and recline mechanism, saddle seat, foot base, arm rest, back rest are all designed to facilitate different sitting positions and placement of the feet comfortably. The chair supports movements of the body naturally and stimulates micro movements in the feet.
Movement prevents brain, spine, joint and muscle fatigue. Movement activates the brain, improves the circulation of blood, oxygen and nerve flow. Thus, it enhances well-being and can even help activate ideas at work/study.

This chair allows your body to do all 3 things naturally without conscious effort. It is the ultimate ergonomic support for sitting!

Details of HÅG Capisco Puls (8010):

- S$899 nett (includes GST & delivery)
*CONTACT US for in-house discount.
– 10 year guarantee
– Seat height 200 mm gas lift
– Ultra durable plastic chair with integrated seat cushion
– 5 Vibrant colors:


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