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If you can’t find any solution to your HEALTH PROBLEMS, maybe Chiropractic can help? A Chiropractic Spinal Checkup is the first step to finding out if your health problems are related to your spine and nerves. Our Doctors of Chiropractic will gather your health information and conduct a series of checks to assess your spinal health in relation to your health problems (if any).

The Spinal Checkup includes:

The Doctor will discuss and review your past and present health concerns, challenges and traumas.
Your lifestyle habits, stresses and expectation for your health goals will also be considered.

Spinal palpation, bio-structural and range-of-motion analysis will be conducted. This is when the Doctor examines the spine for misalignments, joint mobility and surrounding muscle tension; as well as overall physical flexibility.

Your posture reflects strongly on the structural state of your spine. The Doctor will perform a physical assessment of your posture and take posture photos for better analysis and future referencing (if required).


*Green lines indicate optimal posture. Red lines indicate that posture is off.


*Green lines indicate optimal posture. Red lines indicate that posture is off.

The weight of each side of your body will be taken. The lesser weight difference between each side of your body, the more well-balanced your spinal structure.

. SPINAL X-RAYS (Checkup fee does not include X-ray charges)
Spinal X-rays might be necessary at the final stage of the checkup. X-rays can be crucial for more accurate determination of issues like spinal misalignments or degeneration; and spinal cord or nerve impingements. With more clarity on the region and severity of the damage, the Doctor will be able to recommend a more effective and wholesome approach for your care program.


Normal cervical spine with optimal curve and healthy vertebral joints



Subluxated cervical spine with loss of optimal curve and misaligned, degenerated vertebral bones


This is when the Doctor of Chiropractic will share and explain the findings from your checkup, if spinal/nerve issues are detected and could be related to your health problems (or has potential negative effect on your health).

If the Doctor decides we can accept your case, a Chiropractic program of care will be put together for you.

The care will include Chiropractic spinal adjustments, educational health workshops, workouts and stretches for spinal care and lifestyle advice.

The type, frequency and length of care is unique to every individual.

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Get your spine checked for:
. Spinal misalignments (Vertebral Subluxation)
. Spinal cord/nerve impingement
. Slipped discs
. Spinal distortions
. Spinal degeneration
(bone spurs, fusion, weakening, decay)

You can also check for Spine & Nerve-Related Health Problems:
. Headaches
. Neck/Shoulder Aches
. Back Pain
. Poor Posture
. Fatigue
. Low Immunity…



Do Your Health Checks Include The SPINE?

We check our teeth, blood, major organs etc. to ensure they are healthy.
What about our spine?

The spine is also a major part of the body that needs attention.
The spine is the foundation of our body structure, impact absorber and the protector of our nervous system (spinal cord and nerves).
The spinal cord (and nerves) is the only link for the brain to transmit impulses for all functions in the body.
The condition of the spine directly affects the structure of the body and the health of the spinal cord and nerves. It will therefore affect the quality of all functions in your body.

The condition of your spine will affect the condition of your health.
If your spine and spinal cord/nerves are damaged, you can’t replace/transplant the whole spine or reverse the damage to the spinal cord and nerves.
It’s the only spine you have to last you a lifetime.
Isn’t that important enough for us to take great care of our spine?

Get your spine checked before it leads to more serious health issues or pain.
Maintain your spine to maintain optimal health.

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