Spot Scoliosis: 4 Obvious Signs


scoliosis_signsSpot scoliosis early and find solutions to prevent it from getting worse.

Here are the 4 obvious signs of scoliosis:
. Shoulders are not leveled
. Curve in the spine when viewed or touched from the back
. One side of the hip is higher than the other side
. Shoulder blade and rib cage protruded on one side when bending over

Other possible signs:
. One leg could seem shorter than the other due to unleveled pelvic bones
. Head is shifted to one side of the body
. Frequent headaches, back and joint pain

The normal spine viewed from the back/front should be straight but an individual with scoliosis has an abnormal “S” or “C” curvature of the spine. Such physical distortions may lead to back pain, hip pain, knee problems, muscular imbalance etc.
Scoliosis usually begins during childhood and it is best to start managing it from young.

Scoliosis may become a permanent deformity. Allowed to advance, it may lead to lungs, heart and many other health, physical and psychological issues.
Surgical procedures can be avoided if scoliosis is spotted early in life and progression of spinal distortion is reduced.

Chiropractic care maintains the integrity of the spine and allows the spine to develop optimally. Together with Chiropractic, natural proper care through expert advice of our Doctors can help prevent progression of the curve and may help reduce it.

Find out more here on how to manage scoliosis naturally.


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