Stay Tall With Upper Body Stretches


Stay-Tall_Upper-Body-StretchesPerform these upper body stretches regularly and stay tall.
These stretches can be beneficial for kids to maximize their growth and reach their innate potential height.
As for adults, shrinking in height is one of the negative effects due to lifestyle stresses. By stretching out regularly, this effect can be minimized.

Enjoy the many benefits of stretching.
Stretching helps us stay tall because it tractions the spine so it stays flexible, prevents distortion and functions healthily.
Stretching also keeps the muscles, ligaments and joints flexible and well maintained with more blood supply. Generally, it prevents the soft tissues, spinal bones and joints from becoming stiff and degenerated which will deter normal growth or cause height reduction.
With better maintained spine, muscles and joints, there will also be lesser incidences of joint and back pain, headaches, postural problems etc.

Support stretching with better lifestyle habits to stay tall.
It is important to support stretching with your lifestyle habits in order to enjoy the full benefits.
. Adopt proper posture in all you do
. Incorporate strengthening and cardio exercises into your routine
. Don’t sit too long daily
. Feed your body with natural food and nutrition
. See a Chiropractor to get your spine well-aligned and nervous system healthy

Do stay tuned to our next Blog on Stay Tall With Lower Body Stretches.





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