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    2 Sitting Habits To Avoid

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    Poor sitting habits can happen beyond your office/study workstation. They are more than just slouching, hunching or hyper-arching.

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    Spot Scoliosis: 4 Obvious Signs

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    Spot scoliosis early and find solutions to prevent it from getting worse.
    What are the signs and how to manage it naturally…

  • Your daily postural habits will affect your spine.


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    New Year Resolution 2015:
    Look better. Feel better.
    What are your poor habits?

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    Accidents at work is what most will think is the cause of most spinal disorders.
    Fact is, it is the lack of movement…being stuck in a fixed position for long hours everyday, that leads to spinal disorders.

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    Carrying your heavy bag with improper posture everyday could be the source of your PAIN & POOR HEALTH.

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    Looking down at your smart phone excessively without moving much? 
    It could be costing you your health!

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    IS THIS YOU AT WORK/SCHOOL/HOME? Long hours of non-motion, sitting and typing away with poor posture?   POOR WORKSTATION ERGONOMICS has contributed to many health issues like stiff neck, back pain, numb wrists etc. http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/singapore/story/ergonomics-problems-cost-singapore-35-billion-year-20140327The solution? Break up those long hours with stretches and quick walks. See a Chiropractor to get your spine checked and advice on proper ergonomics. Getting the best chair or desk will not solve the problem if you continue with your poor postural and non-motion habits. Everything has to be corrected as a whole to change for the better! Need advice? http://wellnessforlife.com.sg/solution/free-health-workshops-tips/  

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    IS THIS YOU with POOR POSTURE? “Oh, that’s NORMAL. Many people have poor posture.” That’s not true! Poor Posture is COMMON but is NOT NORMAL. It is normal that your body responded by trying to compensate for the abnormality of poor posture which have resulted to symptoms like pain, fatigue and poor health… But Poor Posture in itself is NOT NORMAL for the body. Poor Posture can affect your spine and health. Many have experienced lesser back pain or headaches and better focus and health after seeing a Chiropractor to get their spine adjusted and posture corrected. Consult with our Chiropractors to see if Poor Posture is affecting your health. http://wellnessforlife.com.sg/solution/spinal-checkup/ #poorposture #WfLC

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    DO YOU HAVE FORWARD HEAD POSTURE? Ask yourself: How heavy is my head?  How much time do I spend LOOKING DOWN & Hunching Forward the whole day? Answer: Too heavy and too much time looking down. No wonder you are always feeling fatigued with headaches, neck and back pain. An adult head weighs about 5kg. When the head is sitting well-aligned above your spine, that 5kg feels manageable, almost weightless. BUT: “With every inch of FHP, it can increase the weight of the head on the spine by an additional 10 pounds (about 5kg).” ~ Kapandji, Physiology of Joints, vol. 3 FHP can cause damaging stress on the spine that may lead to other health issues. Don’t want to carry a head that feels 10kg, 15kg or more? Look up now. Stretch that neck backwards regularly. Time for Chiropractic if your FHP is getting worse… #WfLC #forwardheadposture www.wellnessforlife.com.sg