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    Sleeping Positions- Good & Bad

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    Sleeping position like walking and sitting posture is a personal preference. It is good to know if that preference is causing harm to your health and well-being as it becomes a habit overtime. Check out the good and the bad…

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    Ultimate Ergonomic Chair Promotion!

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    Own the Capisco Puls now with WfLC SG50 promotion!
    FREE SPINAL CHECKUP (worth $210) Voucher with every chair purchased.

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    When we tell people to “sit straight!”, they will tend to over exaggerate and hyper arch their backs to straighten up from the hunching posture.
    This hyper-arched posture is similar to someone wearing high heels…

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    Active Sitting! This is one solution to kill “Sitting Disease” and “Sitting Fatigue” for office staff. Most of us are stuck in a STATIC position and PASSIVE posture…

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    IS THIS YOU with POOR POSTURE? “Oh, that’s NORMAL. Many people have poor posture.” That’s not true! Poor Posture is COMMON but is NOT NORMAL. It is normal that your body responded by trying to compensate for the abnormality of poor posture which have resulted to symptoms like pain, fatigue and poor health… But Poor Posture in itself is NOT NORMAL for the body. Poor Posture can affect your spine and health. Many have experienced lesser back pain or headaches and better focus and health after seeing a Chiropractor to get their spine adjusted and posture corrected. Consult with our Chiropractors to see if Poor Posture is affecting your health. http://wellnessforlife.com.sg/solution/spinal-checkup/ #poorposture #WfLC