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    Bones Spurs- Nature’s Way To “Save” Your Spine

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    Spinal bone spurs (osteophytes) formation is the natural response of the body to save the spine. Spurs and joint fusion are not the source of back pain…

  • Spinal_Disorders_Work


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    Accidents at work is what most will think is the cause of most spinal disorders.
    Fact is, it is the lack of movement…being stuck in a fixed position for long hours everyday, that leads to spinal disorders.

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    IS THIS YOU AT WORK/SCHOOL/HOME? Long hours of non-motion, sitting and typing away with poor posture?   POOR WORKSTATION ERGONOMICS has contributed to many health issues like stiff neck, back pain, numb wrists etc. http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/singapore/story/ergonomics-problems-cost-singapore-35-billion-year-20140327The solution? Break up those long hours with stretches and quick walks. See a Chiropractor to get your spine checked and advice on proper ergonomics. Getting the best chair or desk will not solve the problem if you continue with your poor postural and non-motion habits. Everything has to be corrected as a whole to change for the better! Need advice? http://wellnessforlife.com.sg/solution/free-health-workshops-tips/