Jann Ng

From painkiller to natural health.
I suffered from frequent onsets of migraine and relied heavily on painkillers before I knew about chiropractic. My overall well-being was affected and could not find the remedy to the downward spiral of my health.

I finally gave chiropractic a go. Through the care I understood how my poor posture (especially forward head posture leading to hunching), misaligned spine, lifestyle and chemical stress (medication) were contributing to my poor health.

There was a relief of tension after every adjustment but it is my improved posture and spinal structure that propagated my better state of health generally. Chiropractic has transformed me from a life of painkillers to a life of natural health.

I hope to get my daughters checked and be under care so they won’t suffer what I went through because early and consistent care can help prevent many health issues.

Jann Ng - Real Estate Consultant

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