Grace Toh

Saving my physical and emotional health
It was my slip-disc (prolapse) that caused my health to suffer a significant ‘dip’. I was 24 then. I felt pain and discomfort from head to toe and these affected my daily life and work. Hospital checkups could not tell me what was wrong.

I faced difficulties with daily functions like sitting, sleeping, walking, lying down etc. On top of that, I had to give up all the sports. I also started to have issues with my inner ears, throat and other organs and parts of my body. I was mentally very troubled by all these.

After starting chiropractic care at Wellness, I saw a vast improvement in my physical and emotional health in just 3 weeks. The numbness on the right of my body had gone away, health issues from my injury went away too. I could not believe how maintaining a healthy spine can have such a great impact and drive away health issues that had bothered me since young, like my weak digestive system. What was even better was that I could go back to my sports again!

With that significant change in my health, it changed the way I lead my life. I got my family, my partner’s family, my friends and colleagues to chiropractic care. They are very happy with the outcome and are leading healthier lives. They got their families and friends to take up chiropractic care too!

Even though I was feeling all good after 1 year of care, I decided to continue with Wellness. I am currently at the end of my 4th year of care. Maintenance is equally important. Even your car needs servicing, why not you? In fact, we abuse our ‘human machines’ more that our cars! 

While pregnant, I ensure I keep up with my chiropractic care. Throughout my 10 months of pregnancy, I had no signs of back soreness/pain. I was doing better than all my other pregnant friends. Now, my little baby boy is born and I am still doing well, carrying and feeding him for long periods of time. 

Yes, Chiropractic care is a very, very major part of my life. I am always talking about it to my friends and people I meet. I want to help them understand that they do not have to continue suffering the current state of health for the rest of their lives. I want them to know that they can make the decision to make that difference to lead a healthier life, which will make them happier! 

Thank you, Wellness and all at Wellness!

Grace Toh - Educator

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