Vincent Ng

Heal & Educate
I know the importance of maintaining one’s physical and mental well-being for peak performance from:
– being an athlete at a young age,
– meeting the demanding schedules of an actor,
– to this day, playing multiple roles as coach and founder of my Wushu school- Wufang.
To attain what I have today, my body has to go through tremendous stress and injuries; leading to aches, strains and discomfort during sports performances.

Though I do my best to keep myself in good shape, there are limitations to what I can do for my peak health potential. I am therefore appreciative of the care at Wellness for Life Chiropractic. I remember how the first few adjustments helped ‘unlock’ the years of tightness in my upper back and with further care, the stiffness in my neck is relieved. 

The easing of tension/pressure in my spine has opened up more benefits to my physical condition with less soreness, more flexibilty, allowing higher potential in improving my skills. I understand that the healing is more than feeling good and physical benefits. With time, a healthier spine and nervous system will encourage better health and mental well-being.

I can see the long term benefits for sports people under chiropractic care, particularly with the relieving of stiffness/soreness and having more flexibility (using specific chiropractic techniques unachievable and to areas unreachable by the untrained).
My experience with WfLC goes beyond the healing process. It’s the Doctors and staff with their professional care, service, patience and dedication to help us heal and educate us on the natural wellness of chiropractic and maintenance of great health. They are strong advocates of lifetime wellness, always making sure we follow proper stretching / exercise schedule and adopt healthier lifestyle habits.

…Heal and Educate…

Vincent Ng - World WuShu Champion / Founder of WuFang / Singapore Artiste

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