Why Schools Should Rethink Those Desks & Chairs



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It’s a known fact that sitting too long is harmful to one’s health and most times that is compounded by poor ergonomics leading to poor posture and back problems.
Research shows people leading the modern lifestyle sit more than 9 hours a day. Sitting for more than 6 hours a day increases health risks even for people who workout regularly. Healthy living involves less than 3 hours of sitting a day and that has to involve regular exercising too.

So what’s the problem with current school desks and chairs?
They are a “one-size-fits-all” where students of all heights have to try adapting to, leading to poor ergonomics and posture; and they perpetuate long hours of sitting at a young age.
These students are going to carry that poor habit of sitting long hours with poor posture into adulthood at work and at home. Remember, bad habits are best corrected young and good habits are best cultivated young.

Recommended solution?
Take a look at our previous post on Ideal Workstation.
As much as standing workstation is being highly recommended, we also know that standing long hours can lead to fatigue and poor posture too.
Therefore the best recommended solution would be to have a Sit/Stand Workstation. A desk and chair with adjustable height.
This way, students can adjust their desk and chair according to their height and they can be scheduled to sit or stand collectively as a class, alternating sitting and standing between lessons. This allows better ergonomics and encourages movement and better chance of adopting proper posture.

It is best to sit at a height where the thighs are at 110 to 135 degrees from the body instead of the traditional 90 degrees. This reduces spinal and joint pressure; and allows better circulation. Adjustable seat pan is highly recommended.
Of course, active sitting is most ideal where students get to change sitting positions and switch between sitting and standing. Life these days are no longer like the good old days where kids were constantly active in school and outdoors…Balance is key and Motion is Life.

Healthier young generation.
With improved ergonomics, better posture and more movement on a regular basis, students will experience better blood circulation, lesser back and joint pain, better focus and improved well being.
Just by rethinking school desks and chairs, we can propagate a healthier generation starting from the young.

Yes, the younger generation is already spoiled for choice on many things. But choose to be spoiled the proper way.
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