Causes of sports injuries that Chiropractic can help:
Besides accidents or foul play, some of the potential causes for one to get injured during sports are poor posture/form and existing spinal problems.

Playing sports or exercising with improper posture/form can injure the spine/joints/muscles and it also makes the workout less effective.

Sports injuries or traumas can cause the spinal bones to be misaligned, even if there is no obvious damage to the spine (like a fracture). Also, a chronically misaligned spine can increase the risk of sports injuries.

Sports usually involve repetitive stress on the same parts of the body which may lead to chronic strains like unbalanced spinal, muscle and joint tension.

All that could lead to injuries to the soft tissues, including muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints.

Chiropractic offers a balanced approach to the care and the healing of sports injuries.

Important roles of Chiropractic in sports:

Chiropractic corrects misaligned spine back to its optimal alignment which minimizes spinal injury during sports. The spine is the strongest when optimally aligned.

With a strong structural foundation (spine), you will be able to start off with the right foot in everything you do. Be it playing sports or other workouts, a strong spine can absorb shocks and traumas better; and improve physical core balance, strength and psychomotor skills. Most importantly, the body can reap maximum benefits from the activity with reduced risk of injuries.

An optimally aligned spine will support the spinal cord and nerves without interference. A healthy nervous system allows the immune system to function efficiently; therefore, the healing of inflammation or wounds from sports injuries would be greatly enhanced.

(Optimal alignment of the spine is different for every individual)

A well-aligned spine can support and sustain better posture and it can also improve poor posture which enhances sports safety and performance.

Better posture opens up the chest cavity for breathing efficacy during sports.

Tips to achieve and maintain well-aligned spine for safer and greater sports performance:
– Chiropractic (to restore and maintain proper spinal alignment and posture)
– Yoga and stretches
– Muscle massages/relaxation by qualified therapists
– Observe good posture in your daily activities
– Improve core/muscle strength and stability
– Be in motion, don’t stay in one position for too long

Chiropractic care helps individual with the recovery and prevention of injuries; and maximizes peak performance in sports.

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